Transit/Airport / Roadway

Intellectual Concepts has in-depth knowledge of the features of the Intelligent Transportation Systems to support testing, installation and maintenance of sensors and hardware for the following ITS components: toll collection systems, traveler information systems, computer aided dispatch and automated vehicle location (CAD/AVL), Automated Vehicle Technologies, intelligent transportation corridors and intersections, fare collection and customer service systems and Radio/Communication Systems.

Core Capabilities

  • Testing, Installation and maintenance of sensors deployment in CAD/AVL, AV, IoT, V2I and I2V systems, smart meters, logistics and digital asset management, and toll collection systems.
  • Supply Chain/Asset Management (RFID/IUID) – IC provides solutions to enhance the management, sustainability, and integrity of your supply chain and supply chain audit ability. Utilizing proprietary software and Wireless/Radio Frequency (RF) and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) hardware, we are able to effectively improve the ability to audit and manage changes to your supply and assets.
  • Integration with SAP to supports RFID hardware landscape – including smart labels, readers, PLCs (Programmable Logic Control), automation devices, PCs, servers, hardware components and IT networks. In addition, it supports EPC (Electronic Product Code) global and other RFID standards.
  • Installation and maintenance of toll collection systems
  • Interfaces with other offices to ensure commitment to support or use the Authority’s integrated systems. Consults with and informs user departments of system requirements, operating difficulties and problem resolution, and future enhancements and modifications by automatically tracking critical inventory in a single warehouse or across locations; tracking and validate that raw materials and finished goods are in and going to the proper location; and consolidate the information for WMS and ERP enterprise applications.

We have worked with world class clients

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