Our Bus And Rail Life Extension Management Consultant provides quantitative and qualitative data as well as the corresponding evaluations and assessments of the data which are necessary to define and execute Bus and Rail Life Extension. Develop the service organizational and management of the day to day business activities to ensure a profitable growth of the business.

The core services provided by our consultants cover a wide area including the active monitoring and assessment of the Rail Services business activities and performance, quantitative and qualitative analysis of market and business, provide an evaluation/ assessment of the market and business, coordinate the business planning activities, manage the required consolidated financial and business reporting for Rail Services, enhance the business intelligence activities, support the identification of new business opportunities and develop selected business cases for Rail Service activities.
For example: analyzing and evaluating market data and environment, identify market driver and trends, develop a market forecast, provide analysis support for business development activities, perform specific market and case studies, support identification of new business opportunities with data analysis and assessment, competitor analysis and benchmarking, coordinate FIT and rolling stock mapping activities with regions, review and asses public market studies, consolidate and assess relevant newsletter information, participation in industry events to collect market information
Furthermore the Rail Services Business Analyst should develop appropriate methods, tools and processes to improve the business management using state of the art business methodology and utilizing the existing IT infrastructure.

The performance of the Rail Services Business Analyst is measured against established objectives for the Bus and Rail Services organization as well as the performance against specific actions and targets as defined and assigned by the Services Management.


Core Capabilities

  • Collection, analysis and evaluation/assessment of business and market information to support business activities. 
  • Monitoring, analysis and reporting of Rail Services Business Activities and Performance.
  • Development and implementation of business and sales management methods, tools and processes. 
  • Manage the Rail Services Business Planning & Forecasting Activities.
  • Support Business Development by preparing selected Business Cases for RS activities. 

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