DeLois B. Babiker, Founder/CEO

In 2005 DeLois B. Babiker founded Intellectual Concepts (“IC”), a global management consulting firm providing international health, information technology and cyber-security services to the public health, defense and transit industries.
With over three decades of private and public industry experience, Ms. Babiker has led the company to triple-digit revenue growth year-over-year. She knows how to build a business from the ground up; overseeing the corporate strategy, alliances, client relationships, and partnerships that make IC successful. She is dynamic, innovative, and results-driven.  She focuses on executing and achieving measurable results to stated objectives.
Intellectual Concepts, under Ms. Babiker’s leadership, has developed a global team of business consultants and service experts. This team is IC’s greatest asset and serves as the competitive advantage that enables IC to consistently meet and exceed customer expectations.  
Ms. Babiker believes that communication is the single most important aspect of life — whether it is in our personal lives or for growing and managing a business. “Building and maintaining relationships are key to everything.”
Ms. Babiker holds a Master’s degree in Management Information Systems from George Mason University. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Decision Sciences, also from George Mason University; a Chief Information Officer Certificate from Carnegie Mellon University; and completed other professional and technology certifications/training.
Intellectual Concepts

Dr. Femi Adesanya, VP of Transit Mobility Services

Dr. Adesanya has over more than 25 years of executive level experience proving leadership for various highly specialized small companies.  In these roles Dr. Adesanya has overseen the growth of these companies by managing the delivery of the company’s projects from quality assurance to project schedules and infrastructure planning.  During this period, he has been responsible for project delivery and oversight for varied disciplines such as Transit Operations; Survey and Mapping; Engineering (Civil Site, Roadway Design, CEI, Bridge Inspection, and Geotechnical and CMT); Environmental (mostly NEPA Special Studies); Remediation; and Program Management. 
Dr. Adesanya, in addition, has extensive research and development experience in the areas of environmental monitoring and assessment, pollution prevention and environmental education.   Dr. Adesanya’s experience include planning, conducting as a principal investigator, project management, and supervising technical and managerial aspects of contracts with EPA, DOE, NASA, and GDOT on a day-to-day basis.   This also included day-to-day research activities on various Small Business Innovative Research Projects.
Dr. Adesanya’s Federal level leadership include serving as Member of CDC’s Board of Scientific Counselors for NIEH/ATSDR and member of the Stormwater Phase II regulation EPA FACA committee.  
Dr. Adesanya’s role as the Vice President of Transit services is to provide leadership and drive the strategic direction of our Transit services.  In this capacity, he will lead various aspects of Transit such as transit mobility, rail vehicle consulting, and services related to field of environmental impact and health.  Specifically, in the area of environmental impact and health, Dr. Adesanya’s current appointment as a Board Member for CDC’s Board of Scientific Counselors for NIEH/ATSDR, brings additional level of expertise and guidance to the various IC’s activities in this area and other related service offerings across the company. 
Dr. Adesanya holds a Doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering from Clemson University.  He earned his Master’s and Bachelor of Science degrees, also in Chemical Engineering, from University of Nebraska. Before coming to the private sector Dr. Adesanya taught graduate and undergraduate classes for 25 years at various universities.